Soundhakker helped you to nick Soundtrakker tunes from demos and fanzines. Views Read View source View history. The automatic switch version of the multiface works by monitoring opcode reads from or for returning back to the stopped program and and for entering multiface 2 ROM when pressing the stop button. And all this for an unbeatable price! These interfaces are sold separately.

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Advanced Remote Out of production! Many games, and multlface the odd demo, picked up on the presence of a Multiface. Romantic Robot later applied the concept to the Amiga and the ST with very little success, as games for these platforms were inevitably multi-loads.

RME Audio Multiface II Digital Recorder | eBay

Fireface TCO Out of production! With a simple mouse click you gain access to the full power of your system. ADAT Sync connector removed for increased space between the TRS jacks Improved enclosure and more generous board layout, improving technical specifications and internal quality. Romantic Robot came up with a typically elegant solution.

The clear structured, easy to understand window plus the unique informative status windows for input signal, clock mode, sample rate and time code make your work with Hammerfall DSP System to a real pleasure. Just click on the hammer symbol in the systray of the taskbar and the settings dialog of the Multiface comes up.


With this tool, the Multiface reverted from its sheep-like backup identity to its original wolf persona as Ultimate Facilitator of Mass Piracy. Until one fateful day, when the usual spot was blank.

When it was turned on, you could make copies, reload games saved with the Multiface, and use the toolkit. Peripherals Manual Copy Protection. These interfaces are sold separately. At least, the disc drive and VGA ignore it.

But these were small prices to pay.

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Imprint Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Multiface II – version with switch for making it invisible to software – Front eBay. RPM Out of production!

And all this for an unbeatable price! This reset your CPC and turned the Multiface on at the same time.

RME Audio Multiface II Digital Recorder

They then continued to sell the Multiface. But that was enough.

Reproduced with permission of the author Richard Fairhurst. SNA extension that can be easily reloaded. You, too, can save the contents of memory to disc just with the multifafe line:.

Because the thing in question, for many CPC users, was a godsend.


If you turned your Multiface on even one fiftieth of a second before pressing the red button, the game would crash. The Insider was written by Romantic Robot, while the others were all third party products.

Now, thanks to Jose Leandro, the hardware specialist of the spectrum, iu his famous page:. The CPC uses the same command to send instructions to anything bolted onto the expansion port.

So this is blank until we get round to taking a new one. There is a single call to which has a RET before the multiface 2 returns control back to the running program.

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So when you load the Multiface-saved copy, it knows exactly how to set up each chip. In one of those happy coincidences of commerce and merit, the Multiface was the best of the lot, and also the one which survived. It works on a and atoo, proving that the CPC ij no difference between internal and external chips.