What a really great thread I got Jacaranda Books! I’m sure they’d love to be contacted about such queries. Business card 55 x 85mm. What a great theme. Publishers Weekly has a small overview with a few specific mentions of micro presses.

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Biblioasis and Book Thug are two good small presses putting out excellent work. Catapult is going to publish the English edition of Reservoir 13which I hear is phenomenal.

Micropen | Micropress

This should be one of those monthly themes that is wide open for interpretation. I knew a couple of the presses listed – that is thanks to Book Depository which I use for books not yet published in the US.

I got Akashic Books – which is one of my fav publishers and I have been following and reading for a couple of years. Aug 27, Miropress 13, There are books on the list that will also work for some of the other upcoming theme months. Subscriptions truly do matter! I got Jacaranda Books! I’ve spent the last few years trying to read more from indie publishers, and I keep realizing along the way that there is another layer of indie beneath the ones I’m discovering I imagine I’ll work through more of them this month!


So BookRiot defines a micro press as 1. Sep 18, Books printed in micropres releases – no more than for handmade chapbooks and for spine bound 2. Content wise, really enjoying it. I pre-ordered it today and noticed that there are signed editions for the same price.

We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. Sep 12, I think they would have more than two people in their outfit but they’re certainly small with respect to output and definitely aim to capture contemporary local talent that may not find publishers otherwise.

Press Democrat, Volume XVI, Number 110, 19 November 1889 — A Matter of Micro [ARTICLE]

Good profile from when they were first set up: Along with industry publications reviews books from the smaller publishers and a lot of these books getting starred reviews to start the buzz about them. I’ve picked a couple of possibilities from the longlist.


They have a Fall Subscription that I might get as several of the books are already on my tbr list. I completed my first read for this month micripress Ember by Brock Adams.

They have some other criteria but they are really more like examples so I’m leaving them out. Let us know what you think of it. Sep 17, Thanks for all that information, Paul!

Microrpess look interesting – love the covers!!! It was weird but entertaining. It seems as if Deep Vellum has a similar approach as Open Letter publishing i. Sep 02, Your printed copy “archival quality” must be beautiful.

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