All times are GMT Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. After upgrading a server that was also running At least test the changes before releasing them to the community. May 16th, From time to time there may be instances in which hardware or driver features are not supported by the cciss driver which comes with your distribution or kernel, because it is too old, or the hardware is too new, etc. This driver is known to work with the following cards:

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Having a problem logging in? The suggested device naming scheme is: These won’t work with very old kernels such as the 2. Here’s a sample report from arrayprobe 2.

cciss(4) – Linux man page

X tarballs Last updated November 01,latest version is 3. You can think of this as a daemonized version of arrayprobe, in that both of them detect failures in the same way by looking at “events” reported by the controller, cpqarrayd in real time, arrayprobe after the fact.

May 16th, One of them should have presented the disks to the system, but no. If you’re already running cciss on these devices, and upgrade to a kernel containing the hpsa driver, you shouldn’t have to do anything, as cciss will continue lnux claim these devices.


Once this is done, the SCSI mid layer. The current list of controllers that are supported by cciss only: Originally Posted by DerPC.

One would have expected a more professional approach from the kernel team than just “meh, it probably works”. In case the system got updated with the new kernel before the above mentioned patch of the boot parameters, and did not succed in booting.

For a new install of a distribution using the hpsa driver, the “cciss. May 6th, 6.

So with the newer kernel, and the ccis driver, the system stalls when trying to mount the root partition, since the HPSA driver takes precedense but will not correctly present the drives to the system. It is important for the driver to cciws the kernel from accessing the physical drives directly, since these drives are used by the array controller to construct the logical drives.

Now I’m torn between finding a solution to this problem cciss vs. Fixed “out of memory” error introduced in the 2. May 6th, 2. A system may have many adapters, but. To continue using the CCISS driver as before, the boot loader must be updated with a new kernel command line parameter.

The hpsa driver is a SCSI driver, while the cciss driver lonux a block driver.


HP Smart Array CCISS driver

After updating the boot loader and rebooting the system, it is safe to update the kernel to version 3. It uses the same naming conventions that most disks use today.

Note that registered members see fewer ads, and ContentLink is completely disabled once you log in. The cciss linuc participates in this protocol to some extent.

CONFIG_BLK_CPQ_CISS_DA: Compaq Smart Array 5xxx support

May 16th, 9. Additionally, note that the driver will not engage the SCSI core at init time.

The only disk devices that are presented to the kernel are logical drives that the array controller constructs from regions on the physical drives. These scripts can be found. There are no changes in the cciss modified driver that can affect performance.

The function prints a message then retries the command that returned with a unit attention. May 7th, 8. Between Linux kernel versions 3. Then the system can be booted to the previous kernel version by selecting it in the GRUB2 boot menu.