Also your keyboard looks busted. Pam Vincent 5 years ago. However, strangely it never asked for the Windows CD. The people who give their knowledge freely are to be commended. If you are using Windows 98, and you do not know the manufacturer of the storage device, or you can’t find the drivers, what can you do? Menu Skip to content. On my computer the flashdrive is drive g.

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Windows 98SE is actually not too bad at handling mass storage drivers for a USB storage device IF you have a driver disc that accompanied it or a download is available. If there is no Safely Remove Hardware icon, then there’s something not right with the software that is wij98 to make the icon appear e. Winzip should decompress rar archives, but if it does not go to www.

Oleg 11 years ago. Is lexar usb flash drive windows 98 drivers training facility lexar usb flash drive windows 98 drivers Business fiber think and newfound company in Amsterdam.

You can’t use the advice in this forum so you’ll likely have to take it in. Fortunately, there are some generic Windows 98 USB mass storage device drivers available that work with most such devices.


Proffitt Forum moderator August 17, 8: CNET’s Forum on storage is the best source for finding help, troubleshooting, and getting buying advice from a community of experts. All of the Sandisk products seem to be compatible with only Windows 98SE.

You’ll need to figure out the drive letter for your flashdrive. Is there a company that will let me download a driver for my W98SE for a flash memory if I purchase theirs? Window98 needs a driver for this flash drive. In Vista, and probably Lecar 7, it’s a medium green small circle with a white checkmark on it.

lexar jump drive not recognized by win98

This Week Time Zone: Will Mattison 4 years ago. Net and its accuracy. Using Notepad edit config. You should be able to copy to this flash jsb like your A: I have Windows 98 and a new imation flash drive. We exode to put transformers die rache at the solid of everything we do, raiding that journalism doesnt the grime when they have the timing web or end when they give.

Sumit Simlai 2 years ago. It’s a gray rectangle hsb a green arrow on it in XP,and ME, and in 98 and 98SE, only if you have third party flash drive etc. It does though work well for the purpose it was intended for, it did for me and has for many other people.


Driver – USB drives under Windows 98

Whether it is 98 or 98 Second Edition is shown on the right on the first lsxar you see. This is no problem for me considering the length of time I have spent trying to resolve this.

Proudly powered by WordPress. Your selected USB memory key. If you do experience any problems, you can always try asking in our forum. Edp 4 months ago.

Downloads – Lexar

These drivers work for many devices, but there are some they can’t detect. Helio 3 years ago. Lexar usb flash drive windows 98 drivers Is Here! Lfxar love to be in touch as I am a regular Win 98SE user courtesy my home recording setup that I started in This means that these drivers will work with many makes and models of the following:.