This parameter is a pointer to a PSPosition structure containing tagging information that describes this data. This signature is not necessarily the same as the Finder creator for the plug-in, but it can be. Another simple thing that a filter could do is to not pass any data to the next filter in the chain. If a filter provides this resource, LaserWriter 8 ensures all referenced checkboxes and radio buttons are appropriately selected and unselected. If the link to this library is not weak, the filter cannot be loaded at PostScript output time and the filter will never filter any output.

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A filter is only required to export the routine psOutputFilterWrite in order to be added to the filter chain as it is being created; the other two routines are optional. It is also called when the panel is visible and the user selects the Save Settings button to save defaults for laserwditer current printer. While the LaserWriter 8 Print Dialog is present, a filter can use the LWRef passed to the UI routines described above to access various pieces of data that may aid in configuring the filter or determining whether to execute.

A filter can have a user interface in the Print Dialog for controlling its settings.

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If any filter in the filter chain fails to write a piece of data to the next filter, that data is not sent to the Laserwditer output device. The psPanelPlugInLibKeepRunning routine allows a running filter to determine whether to continue running if the user switches printers in the Print Dialog.

The header file “PSStreamInfo.

This portion of the API consists of three routines, each of which corresponds to a phase of the communication channel’s activity. PostScript output filters are code fragments that live in the data fork of files that reside within the “Printing Plug-ins” folder contained in the Extensions folder. This ability is intended to allow printer manufacturers to target a filter to a specific hardware product. See the section References for information on the Printing Plug-ins Manager.


This process will be described shortly. The most likely action taken by a filter is to insert data into the PostScript output stream at a certain point in the job stream; however, the filter output API is powerful enough to allow significant changes to the output stream as it is being filtered.

Frequently a filter wants to inject some data before or after a particular point in the PostScript output stream. The minimum LaserWriter driver version that a filter requires. The simplest one is to weak link to the “LaserWriter8.

The meaning of this order is described in the next section. These code fragments can intercept the PostScript output data stream generated by LaserWriter 8 and add, remove, or modify the data before it is transmitted to the output device. If the user clicks on the Save Settings button at the bottom left of the dialog, the filter saves its current settings as part of the default settings for that printer. The filter can be unloaded for several reasons: The call to psOutputFilterPreFlight can be used for several purposes.

Returning an error from psOutputFilterPreFlight does not affect the print job or any other filters; it just ensures that a filter does not run. Since multiple filters may be contained in a single file and the filter name may have nothing to do with the name of the file containing the filter, the file name containing the filter is also displayed.


The routines containing ” PrSpecific ” in their name are called for the laserwriterr selected printer and again when the laserwritre changes from one printer to another in the Print Dialog.

This section describes the User Interface portion of a filter’s API and relates only to the filter’s execution while the Print Dialog box is displayed to the user. There are no constraints on the library name beyond those imposed by the Code Fragment Manager. If a filter is enabled by the user but the psPanelSetCriteria routine indicates a filter should not run, the remaining routines listed here are not executed.

Figure 2 is a screen shot of the LaserWriter laserwgiter.

At run time a filter should check that the weak link was satisfied and the symbol is defined. The LaserWriter 8 Print Dialog makes use of three optional filter plug-in resources during its execution.

A single file can contain multiple plug-in libraries. The collection corresponding to the current printer’s defaults is available to a filter through the LWGetPrInfoCollection routine.

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A Paserwriter structure allows generators of PostScript output to communicate structural information about the data they are writing. If a filter provides this resource, LaserWriter 8 ensures all referenced checkboxes and radio buttons are appropriately selected and unselected. If the user changes printers while a given filter is loaded and running and the defaults for the new printer indicate the filter is enabled, that filter’s psPanelPlugInLibKeepRunning routine is called to allow it to determine whether to continue running.