Optional features available on some models of the FlyVideo is a built-in FM radio tuner and a remote control unit for a more convenient viewing experience. Signup to become a reseller today! No comments Comments posted by Peter from Other, November 17, The LifeView software suite includes a VCR or “recording scheduler” that runs in the background, and can be programmed to record TV programs at any time on any channel. Any Internal capture card:

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The FlyVideo is a fine TV card “at a good price. No comments Comments posted by Barstow from Australia, April 25, We were impressed with the quality of the FlyVideo thanks to its excellent Nicam flgvideo support and great picture and audio quality.

LifeView FlyVideo Video Capture

FlyVideo is a single slot PCI card with a built-in channel capable TV-tuner that automatically scans antenna or cable TV sources for channels. No comments Comments posted by Rod from Other, July 09, Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

No comments Comments posted by Peter from Other, November 17, It’s also got limited time shift functionality that allows you to pause live TV, but how well this works is dependent on the speed of your PC. As well as the usual aerial sockets you’ll also find composite and S-Video inputs for hooking up your video camera, and a mini jack for plugging in the infrared receiver for the remote control.


Some of the enhanced features now offered in the FlyVideo includes WDM teletext data extraction, new application software with which you can capture video in MPEG1 format. No comments Comments posted by Don from Other, November 26, The bundled utility software allows the user to not only capture high-resolution still images and convert them into BMP or Captuure format but also convert full-motion videos directly into MPEG1 format.

Flyviddo comments Comments posted by Offline from Other, July 17, Description from the manufacturer site. The FlyVideo PC-TV board is designed to satisfy different user needs while offering basic functions such as TV reception, FM radio, stereo sound, video recording, and video capturing.

LifeView FlyVideo 3000 TV and FM tuner card

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. View our privacy policy before signing up. The main FlyVideo application is a combined TV and radio tuner with built-in support for capturing audio and video.

Other supplied applications allow you to capture and edit footage from analog video cameras, record radio shows as MP3 files, and set up schedules to record your favourite TV programmes to disk. Moreover, FlyVideo provides the freedom to run virtually any videoconferencing or videophone application for live video sessions over a network or the Internet.


No comments Comments posted by bdf from Other, December 21, Leave empty to search for all and with these features:. No comments Comments posted by Apexi from Other, June 30, Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

No comments Comments posted by Steve from Other, February 06, Incorporating the latest TV tuner technology within the FlyVideo allows TV or video viewing in a sizable, scaleable window up to full screen on your PC monitor.

View 23 comments views Post flyvidoe. How to record anything on your screen using th This article was added to our catalog on Sunday 07 December, Cambridge Audio Azur D.

No comments Comments posted by barista from Other, December 17, Click to enlarge Array. An impressive software bundle is supplied with the card. No comments Comments posted by Roland from Other, September 24, No comments Comments posted by Sid from Other, January 04, There’s more to TV cards than just being able to watch “The Simpsons” and surf flgvideo Web at the same time.