I bought the Dynex one Clipse linked and it didnt work. If not, send me a PM with your email and I will send you it total0wnage , I have used mode23 and used the right comport and everything. Got a lot of stuff to install in the next week or so. Quote message in reply? That’s what I have. I had the same problem and took a couple times before I got it to work.

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I could modify it to work with EvoScan, if it would help. I’m using the 2. I was figuring out how to log with the 2. I can’t guarantee that the eBay ones will always work, but that particular one did, so I thought others might like some options. I ub to know which pin out from the LM2 goes to the serial port.

EvoScan 1.3D USB OBDII/MUTIII/SSMII Datalogging Cable

Adjust values like timing, fuel trims, Just pick up a serial to usb that works with evoscan. I hadn’t heard of the problems yet EvoScan wasn’t really working for the X when I bought my logging equipmentso I just went for the cheapest I could find on eBay! Why didn’t evsocan just use the standalone logger? A probably easier method to connect LM-2 to EvoScan. Last edited by Evorange; Mar 6, at Thanks for any help!


Just read and flash your ecu using Ecuflash, I have never used Evoscan to do this. I’ve been having some problems with my cheap-o eBay one with the latest evoscann of EvoScan.

The cable he has in dynex dx-ubdb9 and it works with windows xp pro w aem wideband and evoscan 2. This requires hooking up the WB to a serial cable, then the serial egoscan to this adapter. Thanks for helping this noobee xPRimNT Install evoscan first then install ecuflash.

EvoScan D USB OBDII/MUTIII/SSMII Datalogging Cable

However, EvoScan keeps its own op20pt I’ll have it hopefully working and will have a bit of a write up on it. Again I’m just wondering how this works as it’s not clearly explained anywhere but apparently there’s support for it Find More Posts by ferrariviper.

Then I tried a driver off of prolific’s web page, and it would do the evozcan number, and that’s it.

In Device manager under ports; the keyspan serial to usb adapter shows at COM3this is the same port I use in evoscan. What model is that? Unless I’m missing something in EvoScan that allows us to change the options to make it work, I’m at a loss.


If not, send me a PM with your email and I will send you it. Page 1 of Ok, I have a few questions and problems.

EvoScan USB DLP-IO8 8 Channel v Input – Mitsubishi Lancer Register Forum

Though, I just found out a much cooler, more sauve method of AFR logging in EvoScan, so I’ll probably just go that route if it causes any more issues. I will look for my drivers.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I have jsb prolific ones and one that only works with 32 bit OS.

USB problem with Evoscan

I’m really excited to see someone with this working even if it isn’t evosacn. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Meanwhile I go to a terminal program and enter COM6 baud and I get readings that match my gauge.

Also, how do I make the equation for my wideband?