Click Next to proceed with the installation. Uninstalling Elo Touchscreen Driver. Double click area graphically sets the dimensions of the location around each clickable icon or object on the screen which will be recognized by Windows as a double-click. This optionset the registry value. The video alignment program may be launched seven different ways:.

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The square can be increased or decreased in size by touching the appropriate arrows adjacent to the square. Hide arrow mouse pointer turns off the standard mouse cursor. Elo Control panel will srial. Right Click on Hold allows a new and efficient way to create right clicks on the touch screen without the Right Mouse Button Tool.

EloTouchScreen – Community Help Wiki

When Right click on hold feature is turned on, Drag Delay value is set to a minimum of 25 milliseconds. Properties 1, Properties 2 are the controllers installed.

The Duration time for failed beam message option allows you to enter the number of seconds that the failure notification window will be displayed on the screen. Target Locations on the Screen. If there are multiple touch monitors connected then other monitors will also appear in the Elo Touchscreen Control Panel as Properties 1, Properties 2, etc.


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Installing more drivers than you need is serrial a problem. Silent touchmonnitor is launched from the DOS prompt line. Once the driver installation is complete, the Elo icon will appear on the system tray.

Select Elo driver, then select Remove. By default at installationit is enabled. This tab only appears for Carroll Touch screens and It continuously monitors the health of the IR beams and reports any problems. Multiple monitors, USB controllers.

The Right click delay slide defines the right click delay value in milliseconds. Beep monitor speaker on touch. Press the Esc key on the keyboard to terminate or skip calibration for any monitor, or you can also allow the program to tiuchmonitor out as indicated by the progress bar. Check the Calibrate Elo Touchscreen monitors. Attended mode requires user interaction during the installation process. The MatchProduct should be something contained in the info. This tab will only appear touhcmonitor Surface Capacitive Touch screens Only differences are discussed in this section:.


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Running the Calibration Program. Setup Complete screen will appear. I just played with them until it worked. A Properties page will be created for each touchscreen controller installed by EloSetup and for each serial port reserved for a controller, even if that controller is not present. Clicking on About tab will display the driver version as well as access to resource files and links.

Files are copied on the touch controller.

Double-clicks on an object when the screen is touched twice in rapid succession at the same location. Until the package is updated a patched version 1.

Time in seconds before triggering message. Each Properties page also contains a Video Alignment section that has two functions:.

If you are using multiple monitors the calibration program will run on each individual monitor.