So if your 2nd siren won’t prove to be a problem. Strangely, I did posted the questions on DIY but no response Check the current draw 12VDC before you purchase anything to make sure that you don’t exceed that ma limit. Posted In Designing Kitchens and Bathrooms. The Elk45 “millimiser” pulls ma at full power,and about ma at reduced power, with less volume.

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Natural flowing Artesian well – run off piping clogged. Logged Ginz Security Expert Posts: Home Help Search Login Register.

Connecting an external siren to a DSC 1832

From what I can guess and gather, would this work: It draws ma, when set for low. So for 3 or the first sifen since you listed it twice instead of 3 and 4have you figured this out yet? If that’s the case, and your current speaker is functional Hydronic system keeps getting airlocked.

That’s great, thanks so much! Sorry if this is a dim question! Strangely, I did posted the questions on DIY but no response You will need to go into section zone 1 and make sure the first attribute 1 is displayed on and not blank I think! You may not post new threads. OK lets sirem the chime out first!


Did you miss your activation email? You probably asked them too many questions OK good the Siren works! The Elk self contained siren can be set to draw a measly mA and sound just a loud as it does at a full 1.

Why do you think that you need a siren dwc for I assume adding an additional siren?

Friends, 1 Finally i managed to setup and program the DSC security system in my house. December 06, The tamper switch shorts -R to ground when all is good normally closed loop.

Also the if the zone attributes are set for silent alarm, then you will not hear anything! Check the manufacturers specs and see if they exceed your available current limit.

You have one siren that came with your “kit”. If it is truly just dc “speaker” it will just POP when voltage from the terminals is applied. Assuming that you have a 15 watt siren supplied with the kit, it will be drawing about ma.


I’d like to install an additional 44 watt siren. Intrepid Hero Member Posts: SMF – Just Installed! Posted In Designing Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Connecting an external siren to a DSC – Community Forums

Newsletter Sign-Up Signup Email address. I know I’ll need a siren driver module.

No Siren and issues on DSC These steps work on my with RFK keypad. I am well aware.