For whom the bass is too heavy, it can be turned down within the Soundblaster control system using Smart Volume Management SVM , which tones the bass down somewhat. The bottom of the notebook has a clean appearance with a single access hatch to user-replaceable components. The high-gloss finish makes dust and scratches quite visible. Along the sides of the Studio 17 you’ll find three USB 2. This proves that on the inside of the case the cooling system does its job rather effectively.

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That’s well suitable for games and movies but makes it necessary to scroll frequently in horizontal documents. Pros Fast overall performance, two internal hard drives, Blu-ray player, good quality 17in screen.

In this time we finished a download on Steam and read simple news websites.

Dell Studio 17 (1747) Review

The maximum volume is very good but also necessary to drown out the quite loud fan under full load. The area surrounding the palm rest did not budge, but the same thing could not be said of the keyboard area.

Our test-configuration had the ;02e inch panel, however in their online shop Dell offers an upgrade to a full p high-definition Ultra Sharp display. The keyboard has a separate numerical blockwhich isn’t surprising in view of the case’s width.

Dell Studio 17 () Review

However, it was not necessary to make any changes, as the weighty chassis was a solid place to rest your hands. Bad Company Bad Stuudio 2 wasn’t exactly squeamish about testing the limits of our hardware. However, we noticed strange breakdowns of the transfer rates in the benchmark with our tool, HDTune, syudio didn’t fail to appear even after repeating the benchmarks several times. The notebook also reveals very good rates of respectively in the more mainstream benchmarks, like 3DMark05 or 3DMark The graphics card and processor were not accessible through the main access panel, so to change either of those would require further dismantling of the notebook.


Additionally, the USB port underneath the slot-in drive is unsuitable for thicker USB sticks because they might obstruct the drive and, in the worst case, could scratch the DVD.

It has been slightly submerged and feels a lot rougher than the rest of the surrounding wrist-rest area for a better differentiation. In idle mode it’s a maximum of This real-time strategy game profits from Hyper-Threading.

The maximum angle at which the display opens is however more than sufficient when using the machine on your lap. Dell’s Studio does not follow the shining example set forth for them and consistently draws attention to itself. Everyone can choose the core components themselves. The noise emissions were even still sudio. The elegant micro-satin surface and the loudspeakers that almost knock your socks off.

Volume for a inch notebook is very good, and at maximum volume no distortions or irregularities were found.

It’s a laptop that’s designed for users who want an affordable desktop replacement, media centre or gaming PC. If this is the case and an application stduio use of all four, the clock speed of each would not be 2.


Additionally there are five more striking colors available: After using the Studio 17 a few nights in front of my TV I really found myself wishing that the backlight came standard. Dell Studio ‘s viewing angles.

Midrange and high notes came through clearly and the subwoofer added some bass which is usually lacking from many notebooks. The sound coming forth from the loudspeakers was very balanced. Temperature This looks different for the temperatures. Additionally, the screen has been treated with a reflective coatingwhich is responsible for the brilliant colors on the one hand but makes use in bright rooms or even outside difficult.

The Studio aligns itself with users that, with the purchase of a laptop, wish to replace their desktop or pp02e decent computing power on the go.

Those put off by noise and waste heat would do well to look at the Asus N71JV. It’s embarrassing for Dell anyway. Read on to find out! For whom the bass is too heavy, it can be turned down within the Soundblaster control system using Smart Volume Management SVMwhich tones the bass down somewhat.