Posted July 25, Posted October 26, Furthermore, recent contributions to this thread show that it is apparently physically posible to upgrade the Aspire with a new CPU, but you will have to dis-assemble the system almost completely. Create a New Virtual Machine and do the rest. But the hinges on the lid feel sturdy. I decided to approach a different way to install. Supposedly when i click that icon, my camera will turn on and straight can take photos.

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The fan was mostly OFF and only occasionally switched on with low speed. Thank you again for all, if you discover anything, please report me!

Anonymous February 20, at 3: Sign up for a new account in our community. The laptop has the following manufacturer specs: It was amusing to watch the video go at fps!

I have emailed customer support on a few occasions driver, software related and response is slow. Hmm, its kinda weird but try click start all programs – Suyin and look for webcam application software, also i believe there are option with Fn key, try to look at your keyboard if there are any key that symbolize webcam.

Acer Aspire 5020 Series AMD Turion 64 Notebook Review (pics, specs) – FOLLOW-UP

Thank you very much for the help!! Also some of these keys are rather small. If it didn’t work, perform system restore,start-all program-system tools-system restore, restore my computer to earlier time, and select the date where your webcam function normally. And, how does one go about installing Darwin?


Can someone explain a step by step? These just re-create the system as it came from the factory, i. The cpu-processor nerver stops and it’s really noisy, ventilators never stop, temperatures increase too much Black-x March 29, at Do we need to boot into windows then boot the osx image or aaxmi we just boot into it?

Apire will list the most important issues here and also give a list of links to newer drivers, to some articles about the Turion and to some utilities that may come in handy when using this notebook.

So far, the laptop has frozen on me a couple of times displaying a colour bar type pattern. I’ve resolved the -f boot problem.

The C-drive contains Windows and all Acer software, the D-drive is empty. A further personal requirement was that this new notebook should at least be equivalent to my other desktop system: The DVD multi drive is also a source of noise when spinning up and on certain discs.

Black February 20, at 4: Therefore, as far as I know, there are now 3 part numbers for the Aspire awxm, depending on installed graphics adapter:.


After using it for several months I still would prefer a non-glossy with standard aspect ratio screen typically found on business class models.

Acer Aspire Series AMD Turion 64 Notebook Review (pics, specs) – FOLLOW-UP

Weird I though that only affected SSE2 systems but has to move that kext. The hard disk is a 80 GB rpm drive. Acer has released several new Bios versions for the Aspirebut supplies little, if any, information about what is solved or included for each new version. Since I would typically use an external monitor when at my home desk, the smaller screen size Left side view of Acer Aspire view large image.

You can also feel that the system becomes warm, especially at the left side, but it never becomes very hot.

Acer Aspire ANWXMi XP Driver

The touchpad is located a bit off center to the left and asprie my palm has interfered with its use. Still expensive but likely to become cheaper. Had to put in a PCIe Nvidia gt for now.

You can only set power management features via Windows. I finally got this to work.